Ogham Script

Our Ogham Jewelry
Ogham script is a medieval Irish letter system dating back to the 4th century AD. It's theorized that Ogham was created as a local alternative to Latin, allowing local, native Irish to communicate via text with each other, without being understood by the Roman Britains, who posed a threat of invasion to the Irish. The letters of the Ogham script are all named after various trees and shrubs that could be found locally in Ireland. The characters comprise a series of lines and notches that are scored across a long stem-line often on standing stones. Inscriptions in Ogham script on giant stones and trees can be found throughout Ireland and Wales.

In legend, Ogham was said to have been created by Ogma, the son of An Dagda. Ogma was both a warrior and the god of eloquence and literature, and fought the second battle of Magh Tuireadh where he slew the Formi, Indech, son of the goddess Domnu.

Our selection of Celtic jewelry features many pieces that carry Ogham inscriptions.

Ogham Stones at Burnham House in County Kerry