Hallmarked in Ireland

Established in 1637, the Assay Office of Ireland is one of the greatest consumer protection agencies in the world. The Assay Office of Ireland examines and tests every piece of Irish gold for its quality and karatage. All Celtic gold jewelry sold by Rings from Ireland bears the world-famous hallmark of Ireland's Assay Office, located on the grounds of Dublin Castle.

The Irish Assay Office hallmark for gold features a woman in Roman dress, seen in profile, holding a harp. On gold jewelry, this symbol is placed horizontally. On .925 Sterling silver, the icon is placed vertically.

In addition to the hallmark of the Assay Office which is required by law to appear on all jewelry made from precious metals in Ireland, all precious metals are clearly stamped with their silver and gold contents. Sterling silver jewelry will bear the well known ".925" mark. Gold jewelry will be marked with 10k, 14k, or 18k, depending on gold content.

When you buy Celtic gold jewelry from Rings from Ireland, you are buying genuine Irish quality. Every piece we sell features this 400 year old consumer protection seal. This ensures that your Celtic gold jewelry is not only made from genuine precious metals, but that it's also genuinely Irish in origin. If you're a collector of genuine Celtic gold jewelry, then you'll want not only Celtic designs, but also genuine Celtic gold. No country in the world can reproduce this distinctive hallmark. Celtic gold jewelry from Rings from Ireland is pure Irish, inside and out.