Celtic Pewter Earrings

Celtic pewter earrings look as ancient as the designs and patterns they bear. Pewter is a rich-looking metal, that conveys strength and durability. If gold is the metal of the sun, pewter looks like the metal of earth. It is therefore ideally paired with Celtic patterns and designs.

Pewter was a favorite jewelry metal during the middle-ages. Intricate jewelry from this time is on view in museums all over the world. Today, this duskily beautiful metal remains popular for jewelry inspired by both contemporary and ancient themes.

At Rings from Ireland, we carry a wide variety of beautiful Celtic pewter earrings. Our pewter earrings are made by regional Irish silver- and gold-smiths, using skills perfected over generations. Further, the Celtic designs featured on our pewter earrings are not contemporary interpretations - they are genuine Celtic patterns found on the very stones and artifacts unearthed in our corner of the world.

We are proud to feature two kinds of Celtic pewter earrings. We have those which feature Celtic patterns carefully and meticulously engraved into the pewter - like Celtic cartouches, if you will. We also have pewter earrings where the pewter itself has been fashioned into delicate, interlacing Celtic overlays. Whichever kind of pewter Celtic earring you prefer, you will find plenty to strike your fancy here at Rings from Ireland.