Celtic Pewter Necklaces

With their soft patina, Celtic pewter necklaces are a beautiful addition to any Celtic jewelry collection. There is a warmth inherent to pewter that many other metals lack. Sterling and gold are beautiful, of course, but they lack pewter's character as they age. If gold gets dinged, it simply looks worn. If pewter gets dinged, it looks like it has a story to tell.

At Rings from Ireland, we sell a wide variety of Celtic pewter necklaces. Celtic crosses in pewter look as if they're as old as the stones themselves. For those who enjoying wearing their Celtic jewelry to renaissance faires and such, there is no better choice than pewter.

We also carry a wide variety of pewter necklaces which feature specific Celtic knots. The Celtic knot jewelry we sell, be it in pewter, silver or gold, bear actual ancient knot patterns--not contemporary interpretations of them. In most cases, our pewter knot necklaces are named after the regions in which the knots were first carved into local stone. When you buy pewter Celtic knot jewelry from Rings from Ireland, you're selecting actual, authentic Celtic knots from the lands of the Celts themselves.

Further, all our Celtic pewter necklaces are handcrafted by regional craftsmen. You'll never receive a product from Rings from Ireland that was created anywhere but right here in Ireland. At Rings from Ireland, we're proud of our rich heritage and our local artisans, and feel that you'll be proud to wear any piece of jewelry that you select from our little boutique. Thank you for visiting us.