Celtic Tie-Pins

According to recent style magazines and fashionistas, 1940s and 1950s style is once again all the rage - especially when it comes to jewelry. Not in vogue since the mid-60s, brooches and pins are once again a hot fashion item. Fashioned to hats, sweaters, scarves, and lapels, brooches are all the rage.

At Rings from Ireland, we can outfit your fashion passion with beautiful and authentic Celtic pins and brooches. Our Celtic brooches represent the highest quality craftsmanship anywhere in the world. Made exclusively from the most precious of metals, including 14 and 18 karat gold, our Celtic brooches are the finest you can find anywhere. Period.

All our Celtic brooches feature ancient, authentic Celtic patterns, including the Dara and Tara knots. We feature beautiful Claddagh brooches, which can be stunning as solid pieces of gold, or which may feature beautiful stones, like precious emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

The "jewel in the crown" of our brooch collection is, without doubt, our line of Celtic Warrior brooches. These stunning pieces of jewelry are crafted after the patterns in the Ardagh Chalice, Ireland's most famous artifact. The Ardagh Chalice is reputed to be the finest example of eighth century metalwork found anywhere in the world. Rings from Ireland is very proud to be able to offer to you these breathtaking works of wearable art.