Celtic Silver Rings

Celtic silver rings are among the most popular in the world. It's no wonder: ancient Celtic designs have captivated the imagination for literally thousands of years. And sterling silver remains the most beautiful of the affordable precious metals. Couple those two factors, and you've got a very clear reason for Celtic silver rings' worldwide popularity.

Of course, just because something is popular doesn't mean that every example of it is well-made. If you've ever walked down St. Mark's Boulevard in New York's East Village, or browsed the outdoor markets of Venice Beach in California, then you've seen enough junky Claddagh rings to last you the rest of your life. It's even possible that you may think, based on what you've seen in these pedestrian stalls, that those are as get as it gets. Oh. Contraire.

A beautifully crafted silver Celtic ring is a masterwork of metalwork. In sub-standard rings, rings are made mold after mold. Copies are made from copies are made from copies.... Not so with our silversmiths.

Our silversmiths have one master mold for each size ring. All our rings are made from this original master mold. Only custom rings (which we also make) have more clearly delineated cut lines. Our rings feature filigree work displaying the highest skill. On every piece the details are clear, the cut-work precise.

Browse our aisles of Celtic silver rings here at Rings from Ireland. Yes, we're a little bit more expensive than the guys in the huts on St. Mark's. But - unlike the pieces you buy there at 2:00 am some Saturday night - you'll still respect our rings in the morning.