Celtic Wedding Ring Sets

If good marriages are built on partnership and equality, then why is it that so many "traditional" wedding ring sets have such different looking rings? Walk into any "wedding ring mega mart" and chances are you'll find one display case after another filled with "sets" where the bride's and groom's rings actually bear little resemblance to one another. The bride's ring is usually busy with diamonds and other gemstones, while the groom's is a plain band. Rings like these are certainly very pretty, but they're not really a "pair."

Celtic wedding ring sets are different. Our rings for brides and grooms match. The only major design difference between the two are their size. At Rings from Ireland, we feel that this makes a strong statement about equal marriage partnership.

Within their patterned similarity, our Celtic wedding ring sets can contain unique differences. We have rings which feature a combination of platinum and gold, or white and yellow gold, where the placement of the metals are reversed between the two rings. For instance, the bride's ring might feature a platinum band with a raised yellow gold edge; the groom's would feature a yellow gold band with a raised platinum edge. Individually, each ring is beautiful; together, they underscore the balance required in a healthy, loving partnership.

Rings from Ireland's fine line of wedding ring sets feature a wide range ancient Celtic patterns, like the Tara knot, infinity knot, and the Newgrange spirals. We also carry a beautiful range of wedding ring sets which feature engraved vows of friendship, loyalty, and love in ancient Gaelic. We think you'll be delighted by the beauty and complementary natures of Rings from Ireland's Celtic wedding ring sets.