Gold Claddagh Rings

Every gold Claddagh ring bears three distinctive symbols: hands to signify friendship, a heart to symbolize love, and a crown which represents loyalty. However, not every Claddagh ring looks alike. At Rings from Ireland, we carry such a wide variety of gold Claddagh ring designs that there isn't room enough on this page to list them all.

Most of us are familiar with the traditional gold Claddagh ring, which features these three icons on a simple band. This is the most well known, and the most affordable. But there is a world of design possibilities for Claddagh rings. Bands can feature ancient Celtic patterns, like eternity knots. The ring may feature squared-off edges, making it both more modern and masculine in its aesthetic.

Some gold Claddagh rings feature bands encircled in rare and sparkling diamond baguettes. Others may feature emeralds, diamonds or rubies in heart-cuts at the center. Still others have the symbols deeply, richly engraved, rather than molded.

One of the most beautiful and impressive gold Claddagh rings you'll find anywhere are our Claddagh signet rings. These rings are substantive, with the symbols not engraved, but actually raised on the center. These signet Claddagh rings look like family heirlooms out of the box; something old and rich. They're not flashy, they glow with solidity and history. Like something from a medieval queen or king's jewelry box, Rings from Ireland's gold Claddagh signet rings will be family treasures instantly.

At Rings from Ireland, we are pleased to be able to offer quality, authentic Irish gold Claddagh rings in all price categories. Our gold Claddagh rings can be made for you in genuine 10, 14 or 18 karat white or yellow gold. Browse our online boutique; chances are that you can find the authentic Irish gold Claddagh ring of your dreams, at a price that is realistic.