Irish Linen Tablecloths

Ever been confused about Irish linen? For instance, many items which say "Irish linen" may also have a tag which reads "Made in the USA," or "Made in Japan." Well, at Rinsg from Ireland, we're here to make understanding all things Irish much easier.

When you're looking for Irish linen, bear in mind that there are three stages that all linen products go through. The yarn-making phase, the weaving phase, and then the final phase where the fabric is then made into a tablecloth, a shirt, bedsheets, etc. Though Ireland does manufacture 100% linen yarns, the major makers of linen yarns for Irish linens are France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and the Far East.

Irish weavers and spinners take these yarns made from 100% flax, and create the linen. If the linen is woven or spun in Ireland, then it's always referred to as "Irish linen." Genuine Irish linen will bear the trademark of the Irish Linen Guild.

This trademarked fabric is often sent to other countries to be made into tablecloths, bed sheets, clothes, drapes and more. This is why a set of genuine Irish linen drapes may feature a tag which reads "Made in Italy." However, all Irish linens sold at Rings from Ireland are genuine Irish linens, which were made into quality textiles right here in the Emerald Isle.

Rings from Ireland is proud of our fine line of Irish table linens. Our Irish table linens feature detailed Damask weaves of flowers, shamrocks, and ancient Celtic patterns. These linens, properly cared for, will bring years and years of pleasure at beautifully-set holiday tables. Thank you for your interest in genuine Irish linens, and for visiting us today here at Rings from Ireland.