Mens Celtic Wedding Rings

Grooms don't always get a lot of attention in the giant extravaganza that is the modern wedding. The spotlight is very much on the bride, and in many ways this is very fair. After all, little girls are told over and over again that their wedding day is the "the happiest day" of their entire life. Little boys don't necessarily grow up with this pressure, nor do they while away countless teenage hours planning the picture perfect event.

Nonetheless, the groom is more than just an extra in the wedding day play. He, too, is making a lifetime commitment. This is his day, too. And while he may not be feeling the media and mythical pressure to have the happiest day of his life, he hopefully will find that it was one of the most important, and deeply satisfying days of his life.

Few decisions are really fully on the shoulders of the groom, but he does have an equal say in the most important symbol of the entire event: the choice of the wedding rings. But, many grooms, when looking at the majority of wedding ring sets in major mega-mart jewelry stores may again feel sidelined, and less important than the bride. After all, most wedding ring sets have one intricately designed, heavily bejeweled ring (the bride's, of course) next to a lackluster, plain band (the groom's). Why is this so? There are many ways for a band to be dignified and masculine without it having to look like a silversmith's afterthought.

At Rings from Ireland, we carry a wide variety of wedding ring sets that feature beautifully designed men's wedding rings. Our Irish Celtic wedding band sets feature rings which truly complement each other. Our men's Celtic wedding bands feature ancient Celtic patterns, which have been worn by men for hundreds and thousands of years.

Rings from Ireland's men's Irish wedding rings are strong, well-made, and the product of master Irish craftsmen. Your wedding ring must have meaning for you; it's not just a prop, or another piece of jewelry. Being able to find a wedding ring that you can identify with will make it all the more meaningful to you as time goes by. At Rings from Ireland, we thank you for considering us as a source for your Irish wedding rings, and we wish you good luck.