Mens Claddagh Rings

For nearly four hundred years, the Claddagh ring has perfectly symbolized friendship, love and loyalty, the necessary foundation for any lifelong relationship. Though most often seen today in delicate sizes and styles most appropriate for women, the original design of two hands holding a crowned heart was once the symbol of the Fisher King, that man out of Arthurian legend who was said to be the keeper of the Holy Grail.

This symbol remains a perfect masculine statement--provided it's made out of appropriately heavy-weight materials. At Rings from Ireland, we carry an impressive selection of men's Claddagh rings. Whether you prefer sterling silver or gold, you can find the perfect men's Claddagh ring here at Rings from Ireland.

Our men's Claddagh rings aren't just the one's we design for women in larger sizes. Gent's Claddagh rings feature strong, wide bands. Many of them feature square, rather than rounded cuts. In fact, many people think the most beautiful ring we carry, period, is our men's signet Claddagh ring.

The signet Claddagh ring is reminiscent of rings which bore family crests in ages past. Made of heavy-weight 14 and 18 karat gold, this signet ring is strong, with a large face, upon which is engraved the Claddagh symbol. Like the rings of noblemen, it looks like a family heirloom right out of the box. We invite you to take your time and peruse our entire selection of men's Claddagh rings. Thank you for your interest in authentic Irish jewelry, and for visiting us today at Rings from Ireland.