Mellifont Abbey

Mellifont Abbey was the first Cistercian abbey constructed in Ireland in 1142. The abbey is located in County Louth and rests on the River Mattock. Conflict between the Anglo-Normans and the Irish helped strengthen this site’s historical significance. The remains of Mellifont Abbey include a lavabo, a section of the cloister, and a chapter house.

Mellifont Abbey Lavabo

When visitors first enter the site, there is the abbey church. At the southern end of the church is where the cloister and the chapter house are located. Although there is only a small part of the colonnade remaining; the chapter house remains mostly undamaged. This is where the refectory, the kitchen, and the warming room were located. The most attractive structure at Mellifont is the lavabo. This is a washing house that was built during the early 13th century. The lavabo used pipes to bring water to the house from the river. The lavabo was used by monks to wash their hands before eating.

Although the majority of the Abbey is missing, there are some small walls intact that make it possible to see how the Abbey may have looked.