4 Beautiful Traditional Irish Wedding Gift Ideas

There are so many choices when it comes to good ideas for wedding gifts. If you are short on inspiration, why not think about really adding a touch of meaning to the gift you give and incorporate an Irish or Celtic theme when buying the couple their present. Here are 4 beautiful traditional Irish wedding gift ideas:
Irish Wedding Coin
1. An Irish Silver Handcrafted Coin

The tradition of giving a coin is said to date back to when the groom actually paid ‘luck money’ to the family of the bride in order to bring happiness and blessings upon them. With today’s more feminist culture, why not reinvent this idea of a traditional gift and give a traditional Irish silver handcrafted wedding coin as a gift to the bride and groom instead?

A beautiful choice of coin is this one here from Rings from Ireland which is inscribed with the message ‘Gra go Deo’ translating as ‘Love Forever’, placed above a traditional Claddagh and on the other side an equally beautiful message – ‘Ta lan notai I bport an bhanais’ which translates as the witty saying: ‘there are lots of notes in the wedding tune’!

Tara Brooch
2. Celtic Jewelry Made by Craftspeople

Celtic jewelry is a wonderful and very traditional Irish wedding gift. Made by gifted Irish craftspeople, incorporating intricate Celtic symbols and patterns, there is a wonderful choice if you are looking for inspiration.

Irish Harp Tie Pin
Why not think about a Tara brooch or a Saint Bridget’s Cross brooch for both the bride and groom. For the groom, you could choose an elegant tie-pin or tic-tac or a set of Celtic cuff links. For the bride, there’s also the choice of a set of beautiful Celtic earrings or a bracelet or bangle or a simple and elegant Celtic cross to wear. There is always the most traditional gift of all too – the beautiful Claddagh ring, in either silver, gold or white gold.

3. Sparkling Irish Crystal

Irish crystal is famous all over the world. The beautiful cut glass shines through, whether it is in a decorative bowl or a set of glasses and decanter. It is possible to have the crystal engraved with the names of the bride and groom or a special message.

The trends in crystal now have moved from being more decorative and set out in the traditional cabinet display to being used for entertaining so for example a decanter set, a set of wine glasses or whiskey tumblers or a lamp or glass bowl are always a great choice.  

4. The Lure of Lucky Irish Liquid!

Whiskey distilleries have been popping up all over Ireland, most recently the amazing new Slane distillery, a new destination for whiskey lovers at Slane Castle, County Meath, jointly founded by Alex Conyngham, who grew up on the estate. The first batch of the triple casked blend is now just available.

Dublin has now almost become the whiskey capital of the world with the Teeling Distillery, the Dublin Liberties Distillery and the Pearse Lyons Distillery all new arrivals on to the scene. Get in early and choose a very special wedding present that is likely to be treasured. For a very special touch why not build in a trip for the couple to visit a distillery and choose their own special favorite.

From whiskey to crystal, from Celtic jewelry to Irish silver – Irish traditional gifts are best when it comes to celebrating a wedding day!
Posted on November 10, 2017

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