2019 - 3 Wedding Trends to Watch

What are the wedding trends to watch in 2019? From the emergence of the strength of simplicity, to a trend for glass, to bright colors making a comeback, here are three themes to consider with beautiful rings to match.

Simplicity means Strength
Simplicity is back for 2019. It can often be hard to pare back and lose the excess, especially when it comes to weddings but bling and excessive detailing has been completely replaced this year. Clean lines that don’t look showy but are personal and simple are the way forward. The simplicity also carries through to using local ingredients and working with seasonal flower arrangements.

Trinity Knot Yellow Gold Band with White Gold Center

Simplicity in a ring: The simple and elegant Trinity knot two tone gold band is available for both ladies and gents and features a subtle trinity knot symbol to represent spiritual growth, eternal life and never ending love with no beginning and no end.

A Comeback for Color
Color is also the key to on-trend weddings this year and the advice is to use it liberally. It’s time to splash out and get brighter and make no apologies for a color pop. The past decade has seen pastels, light colors and nudes everywhere, influenced by Vera Wang primarily. The trend for 2019 and beyond is to bring in color everywhere from tableware to using high contrast colors in bridesmaids dresses to ties and in invitations. The brighter the better!

Claddagh Ring with Emerald and Diamonds

Introduce color with this ring: This stunning Claddagh ring with emerald and diamonds, which can be worn as an engagement or wedding ring, introduces a glittering green to set off the gold and diamonds. The Claddagh celebrates the best of Irish heritage and history.

Go for Glass
Glass is a key theme for weddings this year and it always sets off a celebration beautifully. Chandeliers are appearing back - even in summer marquees. Crystal glasses are also having a moment, matched with glass napkin holders and beautiful flower arrangements again in cut glass vases to reflect the light best. Glass is best matched with crisp white table linen. Rows of translucent Philippe Stark ‘ghost’ chairs can set off the look beautifully for the wedding meal.

Livia Trilogy with 3 Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Go for glass with this ring: The Livia trilogy ring with 3 brilliant cut diamonds will shine out brightly. There’s a magnificent diamond at the center flanked by two more 0.30 carat diamonds and bands intricately crafted on the ring to represent the waves and currents of Ireland's River Liffey.
Whatever your personal style, a reference to these wedding trends and ring choices will ensure that you have a stylish celebration with a contemporary twist.
Posted on February 13, 2019

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