How to find your look in 2021 - Layer Up!

Layering is big for 2021 when it comes to jewelry.

Virtual offices, working from home, Zoom culture and online meetings have brought statement pieces to the fore. With cameras at eye level, there’s an additional opportunity to present yourself in the best light possible when seen on screen in video calls. It’s time for your necklaces, pendants and chains to shine!

By embracing layering in jewelry and having fun with it, you can inject personality and look better on camera for work and social calls, changing your looks according to the context and your mood and tell the story you want to tell about yourself. Head and shoulders have never been more important when it comes to bringing a playful element into your jewelry choices!

The options are limitless. Here are some tips on how to layer your jewelry...

Celtic Warrior Small Yellow Gold Pendant
Celtic Warrior Small Yellow Gold Pendant

A new look for classic pieces
Going for layering can add a totally new look to classic pieces. This can be season less or fashion forward depending on what you want to go for. Sustainability is a key theme right now and putting together what you have and choosing to wear it differently can give a whole new lease of life to your look. Investing in some new pieces that can be layered is also a good idea. This Celtic Warrior small yellow gold pendant with its delicate and intricate engravings is a great starting point and would look beautiful with a longer plain gold necklace of a different length.
Celtic Warrior Yellow Gold Cross
Celtic Warrior Yellow Gold Cross

Make gold your everyday signature

Gold doesn’t just have to be for evening. It can be a great everyday signature look. Gold on gold is a really elegant look as it’s timeless and can look fantastic against neutral or plain colors or a simple white t-shirt. It works equally well formally or informally. This Celtic Warrior yellow gold cross is a timeless piece that can form the base for other layered chains.

Celtic Trinity Knot Pearl Pendant

Pearls are back
Pearls are back and better than ever. Kamala Harris, the first woman Vice President of the United States stepped on to the world stage wearing a pearl necklace and they have become her signature style. She has worn her so-called ‘power pearls’ for every significant moment of her adult life before now. Her piece of choice for the inauguration of Australian South Sea pearls wrapped in interlocking, elliptical gold chains reflected her winning combination of femininity and toughness. This stunning Celtic Trinity Knot Pearl pendant is both stunning and sophisticated and a great way to wear a pearl.

Irish Charm Bracelet
Irish Charm Bracelet

Mix it up
From gold chains to chunkier statement pieces, there are no rules when it comes to mixing textures and stones which can give a more interesting feel. One tip is to hold back on earrings when going for a more dramatic statement with necklaces. It doesn’t have to be all about necklaces either - stacking can work really well when it comes to rings and bracelets and bangles. Why not mix a torc with a charm bracelet or a bangle?

Look at the Length
To master the art of layering you need to stagger your chain lengths to allow each individual necklace to shine. From chokers to mid-length and long necklaces, use what you have to put together your look. Layer each piece well to avoid them getting tangled. Try to allow a few inches between the curve of the necklaces or pendants to allow them the space not to get tangled. This will also spread out the pieces. It’s an advantage when you’re working with pieces of different lengths.

Find your look for 2021 - layer up!
Posted on February 18, 2021