Make your Wedding Ring the Story

Wedding rings are having a moment and becoming front and centre when it comes to wedding celebrations.

From owls delivering wedding rings, to dogs bearing ring pouches, to even using drones, couples are finding more and more novel ways to showcase their rings and make them the focal point of their ceremonies.

While the tradition of the best man or best woman carrying the ring still holds for most weddings, couples that want to make a lasting impression are now thinking outside the box and want to wow their guests at many key points during the wedding. Having an alternative ring bearer at one of the most high profile moments of the wedding will definitely have people gasping with delight.

 Owl ring bearer at wedding

Owls swooping in
Owls and even hawks are increasingly swooping in as wedding ring bearers and for couples that enjoy the appearance of animals at their celebrations, this is a real winner. There can be a huge impact when a large white barn owl swoops in, soaring down the aisle with a tiny pouch attached to its legs. The best man is tasked with then gently untying the pouch and retrieving the wedding rings before the bird flies off and is reunited with its handler.

Owl ring bearers have become an increasingly popular theme at British weddings since the Harry Potter books and movies emerged. Hedwig, Harry Potter's snowy owl that quietly and swiftly delivered mail without an address is one of the movie industry's best known birds, so having an owl evokes those movie-like scenes, adding an unrivalled atmosphere to the celebrations.

Having an owl ring bearer doesn't come without its risks though. At a wedding in Ireland a number of years ago an owl is said to have fallen asleep in the rafters of a church missing the big moment, while at another wedding, the owl flew straight into the best man, knocking him to the ground, but luckily the sharp talons didn't do any damage!


Canine Ring Bearers
Dogs are considered family members and many couples now wouldn't dream of having a wedding without their pet pooch in attendance to make it all the more meaningful. Having that patter of tiny paws coming down the aisle is the perfect photo opportunity.

Some couples take it even further and decide to have their dog actually carry the rings to the altar for them. There are many options, especially for those nervous about the safety of the rings. Tying fake rings to the collar or dressing up the dog in a floral collar or bow tie is a way of including them while also having a dedicated safe keeper for the rings. For those who are braver, there are special bow tie collars with clips on them to secure and hold the precious wedding rings while they're attached to the dog of the moment!

Blessing of the Rings
Another way of featuring the rings during the wedding is a tradition, not widely known about, where the best man passes the wedding rings to the guests attending the wedding. The idea is that each guest is supposed to say a silent prayer for the bride and groom while they take the ring briefly. Having passed the wedding rings around all of the guests, every person attending the wedding will have prayed for the success of their marriage before the couple even slips on their rings.

Here comes the drone!
Very much still a rarity, drones are now being spotted more and more serving as ring bearers! Couples with a love of technology have been hitting the headlines after hiring a quadcopter to fly over them and deliver a pair of wedding rings. In one such pool-side wedding in the USA, the drone landed in the hands of the groom to laughter and applause. The groom then retrieved the rings by untying a ribbon which held them together and then dramatically releasing the quadcopter letting it soar into the sky above.

A drone is also a great option when it's too difficult to choose which friend or family member should be the bearer of the rings and it's a high-tech option to an age old tradition.
Posted on April 15, 2024