Golden Yellow Citrine Sparkles With Success

November’s birthstone, the golden yellow citrine, sparkles with success. It is commonly known simply as ‘The Success Stone’!

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November Claddagh Birthstone

November Claddagh Birthstone

November Claddagh Birthstone

There are not many yellow gemstones in the world of jewelry, so those with a November birthday are lucky – in addition to this unique color, their stone is said to represent success, abundance and personal power!

The color is perhaps the most outstanding thing about the Citrine. It has been summarized at various stages as either yellow-greenish; brownish-yellow or even orange. Originally, the reference was, of course, the citron fruit and the first recorded use of citrine as a color was back as far as 1386. It was borrowed from a classical Latin word with the same meaning.  

In later years, the Citrine was applied more widely to encompass even more contexts such as reddish or brownish yellow or amber. Interestingly, the color appears a lot in nature and has been used to describe many birds including the Citrine Warbler, Citrine Wagtail, Citrine Canary-flycatcher and Citrine forktail.  

Citrine, unlike many birthstones, is not found naturally. Most citrine now comes from only a few countries or is often replaced with topaz. It is a very joyful and cheerful looking stone radiating a positive energy and said to bring an abundance of good luck, success, and huge personal power. Its cheerful qualities are said to make the owner lighthearted and hopeful and it is said to relax the body and help cleanse it of toxins – a powerful combination of powers!

Citrine was believed to heal snake bites and also ward off nightmares and was a favorite among Roman emperors. Nowadays it is often used as an accent to other jewelry representing victory or success.

Useful for those in the professional arena, Citrine is said to be an aid to self-confidence and help the wearer to disregard any fears of being judged by others. It is said to help with mental clarity, willpower and confidence.

Our birthstone pieces are fashioned using the famous Irish Claddagh motif. The birthstone is shaped into a heart to represent love. The hands clasping the heart represent friendship and the crown above represents loyalty.

Our Claddagh ring with Citrine stone is available in either silver, 10k and 14k yellow gold. It is also available in 10k and 14k white gold, which sets off the color nicely.

If you have a November birthday or are thinking of purchasing a gift for somebody with a November birthday, there is also a pair of magnificent Claddagh earrings available with the Citrine birthstone as an alternative or additional gift and you can also complete the set with a stunning Claddagh pendant.

Warm, regal, sunny and bright – this energizing stone is the perfect present for those with a birthday in November. Give them the gift of success!
Posted on October 30, 2014