Celtic Wedding Bands

For most people, the most significant ring they'll ever wear is the one given to them by their love on their wedding day. Long after the dress has been stored, the flowers have wilted, and the thank you notes have been written, the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand will be a glimmering symbol of that day, and the union you've made with your life partner. Choosing a ring that truly symbolizes the hopes and promises of this joining is, for many, the single most important decision of the entire wedding process.

Celtic wedding bands, with their ancient symbols of interlacing scroll-work, and inscriptions of Gaelic vows of love and friendship, are the ideal choice for many loving couples. Celtic wedding bands are symbolic of ephemeral promises made tangible. Unlike a ubiquitous and ordinary diamond wedding ring, Celtic wedding rings tell your story, not the story of a gemstone marketing agency.

If you're interested in Celtic wedding bands, we invite you to browse our virtual aisles here at Rings from Ireland. All our Celtic wedding rings are authentic, and made by local artisans and metalworkers here in Ireland. Each and every ring we carry bears Ireland's centuries' old hallmark, and is certified by the Assays office of Ireland at Dublin Castle.

We thank you for considering Rings from Ireland for providing you with the rings to represent your lifetime commitment. We wish you "Gra go deo," which in Gaelic, means "Love forever."