Celtic Cross Jewelry

The Celtic cross (also known as "High Cross") is one of the most easily recognized sacred symbols in the world. Certainly known as the symbol for Celtic Christianity, Celtic crosses are believed by many scholars to actually pre-date Christianity. Nevertheless, ancient Celtic crosses, with their intersections surrounded by a large circle, were erected in Ireland as early as the 8th Century.

Some of these ancient Celtic Crosses remain standing throughout Ireland. Some of the most famous are right here in County Louth, where Rings from Ireland is located. It is a point of pride that our very shop is nearly in the shadow of the two greatest Celtic Crosses in all of Ireland, the Muiredach's Cross and the West Cross at Monasterboice.

Being so close to these ancient, sacred relics makes us uniquely aware of their beauty, and their power. At Rings from Ireland, we sell only the finest Celtic cross jewelry, created by local craftsmen and artisans. Many pieces of our Celtic cross jewelry feature the very patterns and symbols found on the crosses in our corner of Ireland.

In addition to traditional Celtic cross jewelry, we also sell pendants featuring Bridget's cross, which looks like a cross made from hay, fashioned in various precious metals. Many of our Celtic cross pendants also bear the world-beloved Claddagh symbol of love and friendship. Our Celtic cross jewelry is made from only the finest precious metals, and bears only top-quality gemstones, like emeralds, diamonds and rubies. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and for browsing Rings from Ireland's choice selection of Celtic cross jewelry.