Celtic Cross Necklaces

Celtic patterns in jewelry have been popular for hundreds of years. Many Celtic patterns feature overlaid, interlacing weaves, reminiscent of a tangle of vines or roots. Whether symmetrical or not, Celtic patterns are visually harmonious, graceful, and as elegant as nature herself.

The Art Nouveau movement borrowed heavily from Celtic art. Celtic art is filled with patterns inspired by nature. Flowing water, floating leaves, circular flowers, and intertwining tree roots are all common Art Nouveau patterns. Many lovers of Art Nouveau are actually lovers of Celtic art - only they don't realize it!

If you have someone in your life that loves Art Nouveau, delight them with a Celtic cross necklace. They'll be delighted with the intricate overlaid patterns, suggesting nature's harmonious flow. Celtic necklaces feature delicate scroll work, ornate knots, and are often studded with delicate jewels, like emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

At Rings from Ireland, we are proud of our wide variety of high-quality Celtic cross necklaces. All our Celtic Cross necklaces bear Ireland's famous hallmark, guaranteeing its authenticity and precious metal content. Our Celtic crosses, painstakingly created by Irish goldsmiths and jewelers, are available in .925 Sterling silver, platinum, and 14 and 18 karat white and yellow gold.