Celtic Cross Pendants

The very word "pendant" implies a necklace with weight, with heft. Even if it's as light as a feather in one's hand, a pendant has visual impact greater than ordinary necklaces. Though technically speaking, a "pendant" is any piece of jewelry which dangles from a chain around the neck, most reserve the word for those pieces which are made with greater care, from the highest-quality materials available.

One of the most popular pendant styles in the world is that of the Celtic cross. Celtic cross pendants are revered by both spiritual and secular jewelry aficionados. Their beautiful flowing lines, intricately weaved Celtic patterns, and handcrafted artistry make Celtic cross pendants valued the world over.

Though one can find Celtic Cross pendants made in all corners of the globe, discerning jewelry collectors prefer to select their Celtic cross pendants from the land that created them in the first place. Celtic crosses are so-called because Ireland, England and Wales were the lands of the Celts themselves. The distinctive Celtic cross, with its perfect circle surrounding the intersection of the four points, first began appearing in Ireland around 8 AD.

Choosing to buy a Celtic Cross pendant from anywhere other than these three regions is like buying a brass statue of a Hindu god that was made in New Jersey. Somehow the ephemeral "extra" of the land of origin is missing. Celtic crosses are indigenous to Celtic lands.

At Rings From Ireland, we are located nearly in the shadows of two of the most famous remaining Celtic Crosses in existence. You can trust our artisans, goldsmiths and silversmiths to create Celtic cross pendants that are made with intent, loving care, and native craftsmanship. Browse our wide selection of Celtic crosses, and you'll see what we mean.