Celtic Bracelets

In Celtic wear, bracelets are believed to be one of the earliest known forms of personal adornment. Scholars believe that the first Celtic bracelets were smaller versions of "torqs", ancient necklaces made from rigid metals which were open at the front. The front ends typically featured sculpted ornaments.

Ancient Celtic bracelets were worn to show tribal affiliation and status. Today, Celtic bracelets are worn by people all over the globe who share a love of aesthetic balance, fine detail, and an appreciation of Celtic symbols and patterns. Rings from Ireland carries a lovely collection of authentic Celtic bracelets, made from the finest-quality materials, and with renowned Irish craftsmanship.

All our fine Celtic bracelets are made from hallmarked metals, including .925 Sterling silver, and 14k yellow and white gold. Many of our Celtic bracelets showcase the beautiful and rare Connemara marble from the west of Ireland. Connemara marble is naturally found in rich colors ranging from palest green to deepest emerald.

In addition to our elegant bracelets, featuring Connemara marble set in various symbolic shapes, we also carry beautiful "History of Ireland" bracelets. Our "History of Ireland" bracelets come in Sterling silver and 14k gold, and are a shining visual history of the Emerald Isle - the perfect gift for anyone with a passionate interest in Eirinn. We welcome you to browse among our selection of fine, authentic Celtic bracelets, either via our website here, or in person the next time you're in Drogheda, Ireland. Welcome!