Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic knots are among the most ancient decorative patterns in the world. Inspired by both the natural and spiritual world, Celtic knots feature loops upon loops of delicately intertwining strands. Flowing lines which twist and turn upon themselves are hallmarks of Celtic knots.

Many people are drawn to Celtic knot jewelry because they believe that the different knot patterns have definitive meanings in the Celtic culture. Though many retail sites would lead potential customers to believe this was true, the fact of the matter is that there are virtually no written records of what any particular Celtic knot was originally meant to symbolize. The Celtic people were not records keepers. They did not create appendixes and glossaries of what each knot pattern represented. Theories abound, but facts are scarce.

Nonetheless, not having a prescribed interpretation doesn't mean that Celtic knot jewelry has no place in the pantheon of symbolic jewelry. Celtic knot jewelry featuring two strands that come together, looping one over the other, in an endless pattern of highs and lows is a perfect metaphor for marriage. Celtic knot jewelry containing three spirals - a common Celtic motif - is often interpreted to represent the three aspects of self: spiritual, emotional and physical; or the three aspects of Christ: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

And, just because Celtic knot jewelry has no hard-and-fast historical interpretations does not mean that it lacks historical significance. Every piece of Celtic knot jewelry sold at Rings from Ireland features ancient Celtic symbols found on various antiquities dating from the 8th century. At Rings from Ireland, we provide you with the highest quality Celtic knot jewelry made in Ireland. We provide the ancient patterns, quality craftsmanship, and the hallmark of Irish sterling silver and high karat gold. You provide the meaning.