Celtic Brooches

The familiar button as we know it today was not invented until the 13th century. Prior to that, clothing was held together with laces and fasteners. Brooches were the preferred closing system for cloaks among the Romans and the Celts.

From the very beginning, brooch designs told of tribal affiliations and status. Like a Coat of Arms, brooches were a symbol of one's heritage and lineage. A quick glance at a fastened kilt or cloak could tell you everything you needed to know about a person's background.

Rings from Ireland is proud of our line of beautiful and authentic Celtic brooches. Our brooches are handmade by gifted Irish craftsmen and artisans. Our brooches feature a wide variety of intricate Celtic symbols and patterns, including the ever-popular Claddagh design.

Rings from Ireland only carries brooches made from the finest metals. Brooches can be selected in .925 Sterling silver, 10k white and yellow gold, 14k white and yellow gold, and 18k white and yellow gold. Each brooch bears the hallmark of Ireland's Assay office at Dublin Castle, ensuring its quality.