Irish Celtic Gifts

If you were to purchase bookends featuring Patience and Prudence, the giant stone lions which guard the steps to the New York Public Library, you'd probably want a set that was made in New York, not in China. If you were to desire a Navajo rug, you'd probably be want it to be woven in the American southwest, not in Pittsburgh.

There are certain things which simply mean more when they actually come from the region with which they're associated. This is especially true for seekers of Irish Celtic gifts. Buying a Claddagh ring made in New Jersey is like buying a statue of a Texas oil rig that was made in Killarney. Nothing against the craftsmanship of all these places, but when you buy a regional item, it should come from it's own home.

If you're looking for Celtic Irish gifts, then go to the source. Rings from Ireland is the internet side of our authentic Irish gift shop located in County Louth, Ireland. We have a modern sounding name, but we've been in the business a lot longer than the internet.

Every item in our little store is made right here in Ireland, by Irish craftsmen and artisans including jewelers and weavers. All pieces of precious metals jewelry even feature the world-famous hallmark of the Assays Office located on the grounds of Dublin Castle. Thank you for supporting Irish heritage and craftsmanship, and for visiting us here at Rings from Ireland.