Irish Celtic Jewelry

Once upon a time, buying authentic Irish Celtic jewelry was a costly business. After all, very few of us were able to hop on a plane and travel to the Emerald Isle just because we had a hankering for a Claddagh ring. Options were limited.

The two routes one could take were to go to local jewelers who carried such items. Unfortunately, whenever one deals with a middleman, prices go up. Dealers of fine jewelry routinely mark prices up to 300 percent. This meant that most folks just couldn't afford fine, authentic Irish Celtic jewelery.

The other option was to visit street markets and fairs. Though their prices are nearly always more reasonable, the sources and authenticity of their "Irish Celtic" jewelry is often questionable. Secondly, because most stall-workers want to deal with merchandise which can be turned quickly, open-air market owners and operators often buy pieces of lower quality which they can sell cheaply.

Rings from Ireland is glad to be able to offer a far superior alternative. We are located right in the middle of County Louth, Ireland. We're a bonafide family owned business, selling authentic Irish Celtic jewelry, made by local craftsmen and artisans. But you don't have to take our word for it. Every piece of fine jewelry that you purchase from Rings from Ireland bears the hallmark of Irish gold content and authenticity - the imprint of the Irish Assays Office at Dublin Castle. When you buy from us, you're buying from the source. Thank you for your interest in genuine Irish Celtic jewelry, and thank you for considering Rings from Ireland.