About Rings From Ireland

We at Rings from Ireland have been selling Celtic and Irish Wedding Bands and Jewelry online since 1998 and have built up a very strong relationship over the years with many satisfied customers. In fact we are very proud of the fact that a lot of new customers come to us as a result of a recommendation from a previous customer.

We look forward to comments from all our customers with whom we have dealt over the years through our website.

At Rings from Ireland all of our rings are bonafide Irish. They are made by the most talented and trained regional craftsmen. Further, we are located in County Louth, Ireland, which is less than a three hour drive from the very birthplace of these famous rings, the old fishing village of Claddagh.

Plus, every Claddagh wedding ring we sell, be it made from heavy-weight Sterling silver, 14 karat or 18 karat White or Yellow gold, or Platinum bears the world-famous hallmark of the Assays Office at Dublin Castle.

When you buy your Claddagh ring from Rings from Ireland, you're acquiring a shining piece of Irish heritage. Irish metals, melted, and molded by Irish hands. From our shores to yours, we wish you good luck.

We treat each individual order exactly as that, an individual piece which is hand-made to fulfill each order and this guarantees the very fine quality that is sometimes hard to visualize from an image on our website.

When you buy Celtic gold jewelry from Rings from Ireland, you are buying genuine Irish quality. Every piece we sell features this 400 year old consumer protection seal. This ensures that your Celtic gold jewelry is not only made from genuine precious metals, but that it's also genuinely Irish in origin.

If you're a collector of genuine Celtic gold jewelry, then you'll want not only Celtic designs, but also genuine Celtic gold. No country in the world can reproduce this distinctive hallmark. Celtic gold jewelry from Rings from Ireland is pure Irish, inside and out.