Irish Earrings

Earrings are every woman's best friend. Style experts all over the globe agree. Earrings don't just add pizazz to an outfit. They actually have the power to make the wearer appear more beautiful.

It's not just hyperbole. Wearing earrings draws the focus of the face "back." The emphasis isn't just on the eyes, or the nose, or the jaw. It's like widening the frame on a camera viewfinder. Earrings make people looking at you take your whole face in; not just individual features.

Also, the length of the earring, in terms of its vertical measurement, has the ability to either lengthen or shorten neck height. Every woman has a "perfect point" that earrings should dangle, which works wonders for her appearance, both from the front and in profile. Finding that spot is an easy task. Simply take a pencil and hang it from behind the ear, starting with the point of the pencil flush with the base of the earlobe. Focusing on your face, not on the pencil, look in the mirror as you slowly drop the pencil down. At some point, there will be a spot where the neck appears longer. Measure this length carefully, and start buying earrings that are that length.

Rings from Ireland has a wide variety of earrings in all lengths. We have charming stud earrings, and earrings which hang long and low from between, and ones which dangle at every point in-between. We are proud of our wide selection of Irish earrings, including Claddagh earrings, beautiful dangling earrings featuring ancient and beautiful Celtic patterns, Celtic cross earrings, and more. All our Irish earrings are made by local craftsmen, out of the finest precious metals, and all bear the world famous hallmark of Irish quality, the insignia of the Assays Office at Dublin Castle. Thank you for considering Rings from Ireland as your source for beautiful - and beautifying - Irish earrings.