Irish Necklaces

Customers from all over the world come to us at Rings from Ireland for our extensive line of beautifully crafted Irish necklaces. No, ancient Celtic patterns, and Claddagh pendants and lockets are not just made in Ireland. Very nice pieces of this kind of jewelry can be found in quality jewelry stores the globe-over.

However, when one buys an Irish necklace from us, she knows that she's not just getting a beautiful piece of quality jewelry, she's acquiring her own little piece of Irish craftsmanship. There's a romance to our Irish necklaces which comes from the fact that our Claddagh lockets are made not far from Claddagh village itself. That our Celtic cross pendants are made very nearly in the shadow of the most famous and ancient actual Celtic crosses still in existence.

For those to whom authenticity matters, it's very satisfying knowing that the Irish necklaces we sell bear the world-famous hallmark of Irish quality, stamped upon them by the Assays Office at Dublin Castle. They don't just look Irish, they are Irish. And there's a unique satisfaction in receiving their package from us in the mail: it doesn't arrive from a warehouse in New York or Austin, Texas. Our products are shipped all over the world right from our little shop in County Louth, Ireland, and bear the postage marks to prove it.

At Rings from Ireland, we have pages and pages of authentic Irish necklaces. We carry Claddagh necklaces in form of pendants and lockets. We have a wide variety of Celtic crosses in all shapes. We have a beautiful and impressive array of necklaces bearing ancient Celtic patterns. All our necklaces are made from the finest precious metals, including Sterling silver, and 14 karat and 18 karat white and yellow gold. Thank you for your interest in genuine Irish craftsmanship, and for visiting us today at Rings from Ireland.