Irish Wedding Rings

With thousands of customers around the world, it goes without saying that Rings from Ireland happily ships across the globe. In only a few cases are we not able to meet bridal deadlines - even when the ring selection is made at the last minute. We have pages and pages of delighted customer testimonials and letters of recommendation. We are happy to share these with you. In fact, we are happy to answer any question you have.

We understand that the selection of a wedding ring is a highly symbolic act. You need to know that you're making a decision with which you will be happy for the rest of your life. We don't rush you, and we take the time to answer all your questions.

Many wedding ring merchants, Irish or otherwise, apply pressure tactics in a variety of areas. They insist that a wedding ring "must" cost the equivalent of two-month's salary. They insist that a "perfect" wedding ring "must" contain diamonds. To coin a phrase, this is blarney.

A "perfect" wedding ring "must" be the one that makes you happy, not the one that makes the ring salesman happy. It should represent your ideals, not those of the diamond brokers. At Rings from Ireland, we offer a wide selection of beautifully handcrafted Irish wedding bands. Some feature diamonds. Some don't. All are heavy-weight, created by regional Irish craftsmen, and are hallmarked with the internationally recognized symbol of the Assays Office at Dublin Castle. Thank you for considering Rings from Ireland for your Irish wedding ring purchase. And for search for the "perfect wedding band", as well as for your upcoming marriage, we wish you good luck.