Silver Celtic Jewelry

Though pages and pages have been written about the history and majesty of gold, we at Rings from Ireland know that there are many, many people who simply prefer sterling silver to her yellow-toned sister. Sterling is frankly more attractive on many skin tones. And, fortunately for them, silver is also less expensive.

At Rings from Ireland, our silversmiths are among the finest in the world. Our pieces of genuine sterling silver Celtic jewelry are as carefully and artfully created as every piece made from gold. Further, every piece of silver jewelry on our pages carries on its back the world-famous Irish hallmark for quality, stamped upon it by the Assays Office located on the grounds of Dublin Castle.

Our handcrafted silver Celtic jewelry collection contains handmade Claddagh rings, and earrings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets featuring ancient Celtic patterns. Plus, our pieces of silver Celtic jewelry are made by local Irish craftsmen and metalworkers. When you buy Celtic silver jewelry from Rings from Ireland, you're buying the real thing.

At Rings from Ireland, we are proud of every single piece of silver Celtic jewelry we carry. We don't cater to tourists and people looking for cheap souvenir jewelry. Every piece of silver Celtic jewelry we carry has the potential to be a treasured family heirloom. Thank you for your interest in genuine Celtic jewelry, and for visiting us at Rings from Ireland.