Silver Claddagh Rings

If you're used to seeing silver Claddagh rings at market stalls and street fairs, you may be surprised at what you feel is a high price for the Claddagh rings you'll find at Rings from Ireland. Some online stores would gloss over this fact. We want to deal with it frankly and straightforwardly, so that you understand what you're paying for when you purchase from us, and what you're not paying for when you purchase from them.

Let's deal with them, first. The Claddagh rings you're used to seeing in these downscale markets are mass produced. The details are obscured. The silver may be .925 but there's precious little of it used. In short, they're cheaply priced because they're cheaply made.

Our silver Claddagh rings are made from heavy-weight sterling. The details are clear. The bands are richly decorated with ancient Celtic patterns. And, we don't have boxes and boxes of them lying around either. Each silver Claddagh ring sold at Rings from Ireland is made to order, just for you.

Instead of being something that you buy or wear as a lark, our silver Claddagh rings are meant to be treasured, and handed down generation to generation. Each one has the potential to be a treasured family heirloom. Further, every silver Claddagh ring you buy from us bears the world-famous hallmark of the Irish Assays Office on its interior, proof positive that it's an authentic piece of Irish sterling silver jewelry. Try finding that on the Venice Beach boardwalk.

All this said, you may now expect that our sterling silver Claddagh rings would cost hundreds of dollars. But we're happy to say that most of our silver Claddagh rings are priced around 50 dollars. A small price to pay for something so artfully created. Thank you for your interest in authentic Irish Claddagh rings, and for visiting us at Rings from Ireland.