How to find your look in 2021 - Layer Up!
Virtual offices, working from home, Zoom culture and online meetings have brought statement pieces to the fore. With cameras at eye level, there’s an additional opportunity to present yourself in the best light possible when seen on screen in video calls. It’s time for your necklaces, pendants and chains to shine!
Posted on February 18, 2021
How to Celebrate Spring the Traditional Celtic Way
The daffodils and snowdrops are arriving, the evenings are getting longer, so how do you celebrate Spring the traditional Celtic way?
Posted on February 10, 2021
A Fresh Look - How the Irish Diaspora will get back in touch with Irish Customs this Christmas
Ireland’s global diaspora is being united all over the world this Christmas with a new initiative launched by the Irish government.
Posted on December 11, 2020
Home or Abroad - Christmas Traditions Re-created
This year more than ever before, families across the world are seeking out ways to keep the magic and tradition of Christmas alive. The connections will be greater than ever between home and abroad as people become more creative to battle out the challenges imposed by the travel restrictions which has put a halt to worldwide travel and homecomings.
Posted on December 10, 2020
Thoughtful Chrisftmas Gifts from Ireland
Are you looking for a thoughtful gift from Ireland this year? From ancient icons to traditional Irish motifs, you are guaranteed to find a piece that will carry an extra special meaning.
Posted on December 4, 2020
Being Connected - How to celebrate being Irish right now
We are a nation renowned for our vibrant culture and history and sense of identity. The power of the Irish and Ireland globally resonates all over the world but what does it mean to be Irish right now and to celebrate our heritage?
Posted on November 26, 2020
Downsizing your wedding... Why not upsize your ring?
With weddings around the world being downsized, postponed or cancelled, it’s a post-pandemic reality that couples planning their marriage now need to think very differently and become even more creative about their celebrations.
Posted on November 23, 2020
Oldest Known Claddagh in the World Returns to Galway
Dating from 1700, the oldest-known Claddagh ring in the world has been returned to Galway City having been purchased by the Galway City Museum and is now being considered a national treasure.
Posted on September 30, 2020
Do you know your Birthstone? Our Claddagh Birthstone Pendant Collection is Here
Every month of the calendar year has a corresponding precious stone and the beautiful Claddagh Birthstone Pendant Collection at Rings from Ireland is a wonderful way to celebrate and showcase a chosen month.
Posted on September 28, 2020
Irish Jewelry Design – The Heart of Every Celebration
Irish jewelry design sits at the heart of every celebration – there’s always the right piece for the right time and a perfect hand crafted treasure for every occasion – from christenings to weddings, from engagements to birthdays and anniversaries.
Posted on August 7, 2020