Top 5 Symbols of the History of Ireland
Are you good at spotting Irish heritage? The trusty green shamrock is known around the world, along with the green, white and gold of the Irish flag, but here are some other Irish symbols that represent the history of Ireland.
Posted on August 15, 2023
Tips on Discovering Irish Genealogy
Ireland has become one of the world leaders when it comes to standards in researching genealogy. There has never been a better time to research your Irish history and find out just what your ancestors were up to!
Posted on July 12, 2023
Summer Solstice - A Spiritual Special Time in Ireland
June's summer solstice has been a special spiritual time in Ireland for centuries. Celtic and Irish tradition is very much alive as every year hundreds of people still gather at sacred spots to mark the longest day of the year.
Posted on June 21, 2023
Ancient Irish Wedding Traditions that Might Surprise You
Are you - or someone close to you - 'tying the knot'? Did you ever think about where the phrase comes from? It's an ancient Celtic tradition that might surprise you.
Posted on June 16, 2023
The Book of Kells - An Enduring Inspiration for Jewelry
More than a million people have been to visit the world famous Book of Kells in recent years. It's not just a book - it's a symbol of the treasures found in Irish and Celtic history.
Posted on June 9, 2023
Five Most Romantic Places to Propose in Ireland
Are you looking for a dreamy location to propose? Here are 5 of the most romantic places to propose in Ireland...
Posted on June 2, 2023
Claddagh and Aran - Why These Irish Symbols are Having a Moment
Claddagh rings and Aran jumpers pop up everywhere throughout the seasons and are having a moment right now like never before across the world.
Posted on May 29, 2023
Knowth - Where Ireland
The passage tomb complex at Knowth is part of a group of megalithic monuments. Built close together around five thousand years ago, they’re a sight to behold in one of Ireland’s most famous historic sites.
Posted on May 17, 2023
Bealtaine - Why May is such an important Celtic Month
Traditionally held on May 1st or about mid-way between the spring equinox and summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, it marks the return of the light and the start of summer in Celtic Ireland. Celebrations continue throughout the month still in parts of the country.
Posted on May 10, 2023
Five Gorgeous Claddaghs and How to Wear Them
The Claddagh story is timeless and a beautiful tale with love and positive messages at the heart of it. A distinctively Irish symbol, it’s now hugely popular internationally and wearing it as a piece of jewelry is a nod to Irish and Celtic heritage and culture.
Posted on April 7, 2023