Pop the Question - The Irish Way

Celtic Wedding
Are you planning on asking the most important question of your life? Would you like to incorporate Irish heritage and culture in to your engagement proposal? Here’s how to pop that question – the Irish way!

The wonderful thing about building in an Irish theme to an engagement or wedding ring is that there is massive flexibility and choice whether you want to make a bold statement or just give a subtle nod to your Irish heritage.

Celebrate with the Claddagh

The beautiful and much-celebrated Claddagh usually comes to mind as a first choice when thinking of Ireland. “With these hands I give you my heart and I crown it with my love”, is the traditional message that comes with a Claddagh ring.

The ring will do the talking for you as the evocative message of the Claddagh featuring hands for friendship, the crown for loyalty and of course the heart for love says it all! There is huge choice when it comes to selecting which sort of Claddagh engagement ring you would like. You can choose from gold and silver and styles range from stunning solitaires to trilogy rings.
Claddagh Ring with Emerald and Diamonds
Claddagh Ring with Emerald and Diamonds

It’s all about individuality when it comes to getting engaged and there’s also the option to work in a precious emerald or a sapphire within the Claddagh design. For a more subtle look, go for the Claddagh embedded in to the ring.

Considering the ‘4 C’s is crucial when choosing an engagement ring – they are cut, color, clarity and carat and it is really important to do your research in advance and decide where exactly your focus lies and what works best within your budget.

Celtic – Classic and Individual

You don’t need to be of Celtic or even Irish descent to understand and appreciate the delicate and Celtic designs available across the range of engagement rings. Celtic engagement rings are a wonderful way to express and celebrate your love as these rings symbolize new life, a perfect union and life long commitment.

Livia Trilogy with 3 Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Livia Trilogy with 3 Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The only limit is your imagination when thinking Celtic. If you want pure luxury, a stunning way to incorporate a Celtic motif is to bring in the Livia design – inspired by the undulating twists and currents of Dublin’s River Liffey. There are many different rings in this range, including the Livia Trilogy with 3 brilliant cut diamonds.
Diamond Trinity Knot Engagement Ring
Diamond Trinity Knot Engagement Ring

The Trinity knot is a very popular motif in Celtic jewelry representing love and eternity and this contemporary take is set beautifully in to the center to showcase the solitaire diamond.

Le Chéile – Together Forever!

For anybody with an interest in Irish and Celtic tradition, the Le Chéile pattern is an excellent choice. Le Chéile means ‘together’ and the pattern brings together years of history as the design is inspired by some of the greatest ever artwork found in Ireland, in the ancient manuscripts of Ireland like the Book of Kells which is based at Trinity College Dublin. This beautiful white gold engagement ring is a contemporary design with a modern twist, with a distinct nod to Irish heritage.
Diamond Le Cheile White Gold Engagement Ring
Diamond Le Cheile White Gold Engagement Ring

Another way to pop the question in the Irish way is to incorporate an Irish saying in to the band of the ring using the beauty of the Irish language – what you say though, is up to you!
Posted on September 4, 2017

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