Celtic Jewelry Designs - The Meaning Behind the Symbols

The power of Celtic symbolism never wanes and still holds power just as it did back at the time of the Celts. These symbols have become part of the Irish identity and heritage and some have even become symbols of Ireland itself.

From Brigid’s Cross, to Celtic knot-work, Trinity knots, Ogham script, the torc, to Celtic crosses, there are many meanings behind the symbols.

Saint Bridgets Cross Necklace
Saint Bridget's Cross Gold Necklace

Widely used as a Christian symbol, Brigid’s Cross is also thought to be connected to Brigid of the Tuatha de Dannan which in Celtic mythology is known as a life-giving goddess. It is still a very popular symbol in Ireland.

Celtic Cross Necklace
Celtic Cross Gold Necklace

The Celtic cross has roots in ancient pagan beliefs and is thought to represent the four elements of earth, fire, air and water. A staple of insular art, the Celtic cross looks particularly beautiful when worn as a piece of jewelry.

Irish Harp Silver Tie Tac
Irish Harp Silver Tie Tac

Ireland’s harp is one of the most recognized symbols of the country and it is believed that the Phoenicians brought the harp to pre-Christian Europe all the way from Egypt as one of their trading goods. The harp has been an important symbol for the Irish people since back in the 10th century.
Irish Charm Bracelet
Irish Silver Charm Bracelet

The ancient Celts believed that everything that was important in the world comes in threes and the shamrock was important to them because of its three heart shaped leaves. The three leaves of a shamrock are said to stand for faith, hope and love.

Tree Of Life Silver Necklace
Tree Of Life Silver Necklace

The Celtic Tree of Life is another important symbol for the Celts. It was believed by the Celts that trees were a connection to the world of spirits and the ancestors and doorways into other worlds and that they represented wisdom, strength and longevity.  
Emerald Trinity Knot Ring
Emerald Trinity Knot Gold Ring

The triquetera or Trinity knot is another very important symbol. Celtic knot-work is famous and the Triquetera perhaps most so. It symbolizes eternal life, with no beginning and no end. It appears in the Book of Kells as a decorative motif.

Triscele Newgrange Circle Pendant
Triscele Newgrange Circle Silver Pendant

The Triscele is one of Ireland’s oldest symbols and seen at Newgrange. These carvings were believed to be made around 3200 BC. Derived from the Greek word ‘triskeles’ meaning ‘three legs’, the triple spiral is a very complex ancient Celtic symbol.
Silver Claddagh Ring With Gold Heart
Silver Claddagh Ring With Gold Heart

The Claddagh symbol of course is one of the most famous Celtic / Irish symbols of all and originates from the small village of Claddagh in County Galway. The heart sits at the center and represents love, the hands represent friendship and the crown represents loyalty.

Celtic jewelry offers endless possibilities and in addition to being beautiful there are many meanings behind the symbols.
Posted on November 27, 2019