Irish Bracelets

Tossing a bracelet on is one of the single easiest ways for any woman to look a little more elegant. Bracelets highlight the slimness of a wrist compared to the forearm. It's a subtle touch of femininity.

Bracelets, depending on their style and the metal from which they're made, have the ability to either dress-up or make more casual any outfit in the blink of an eye. Take a simple tee-shirt and jeans for instance. Toss a sterling silver bangle on, and that outfit is slightly more bohemian and exotic. Replace the silver bangle with a gold-link bracelet, and the whole outfit suddenly looks richer.

At Rings from Ireland, we carry a wide selection of artistically crafted Sterling silver, 14 karat and 18 karat gold Irish bangles and bracelets. We carry Claddagh bracelets, Celtic knot bracelets, gemstone bracelets featuring ancient Celtic metalwork patterns, and more. One of our most elegant pieces is a solid gold "toque" style bangle, thought to be the design of the first bracelets ever created. And of course, we carry multiple bracelets and bangles in our History of Ireland collection.

At Rings from Ireland, our inventory is made up only of those pieces which meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Every piece is created by Irish jewelers and metalworkers. And of course, being made of 100-percent precious metals, every bracelet and bangle we carry bears the world-famous hallmark of the Assays Office at the Dublin Castle. We are proud of our selection of Irish bracelets and bangles, and hope that you're as delighted with them as we are. Thanks for visiting us today at Rings from Ireland.