Celtic Coat of Arms

Long ago, there were no telephones, no telegraphs and no information super highway. Yet, knowing who people were, where they came from, and what their status was, was a much easier task than it is today. Because there were no mass means of communication, people used symbols to make social communication easier.

A glance at a brooch closing someone's cloak would tell you what region they were from, and possibly, even what family. A glance at a hand could tell you whether you were looking upon an available maiden, a betrothed woman, or a wife. A piece of jewelry might contain a family crest which would immediately convey status, and the industry with which your family was associated.

And a name...a name wasn't just what you were called. Names were literally who you were, what you did for a living, and what your people were known for. Today, one might hear the name "Wilcox" and at best know that it was English in origin. Back in the day, most would hear "Wilcox" and know that this was a very old family indeed, with roots tracing back prior to 1066, and with relatives who were Lords in Knassington. Respect would be accorded just upon hearing the name.

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