Celtic Engagement Rings

What makes Celtic engagement rings so popular around the world is not necessarily their Celtic heritage, but the artistry employed in their design, and the care with which they are crafted. Granted, as new traditions replace old, and as people around the world become fascinated with cultures more steeped in tradition than their own, many find the connection to nature represented in Celtic wedding jewelry both fitting and appropriate. However, for many the choice is based on aesthetic, rather than symbolic, principles.

Many Celtic engagement and wedding rings feature two delicately intertwining lines. These lines weave in and out of each other, creating a "rope" which is stronger than the two single strands would be on their own. Many find these patterns a beautiful and apt metaphor for marriage.

Like the Art Nouveau jewelry it inspired, diamonds and precious gems are beautiful in Celtic engagement ring settings. However, some people feel that adding gems to Celtic engagement rings are "gilding the lily." In other words, the very beauty of the craftsmanship employed in creating these gleaming bands of platinum, and white and yellow gold, is enough. You don't need diamonds, or rubies, or emeralds, unless they're really important to you. A perfectly made Celtic wedding band needs no additional ornamentation.

Celtic jewelry is typified by delicate details in a strong setting. Wide, sturdy, strong bands are common. The scroll-work and filigree is intricate without being fussy. See for yourself why couples the world over - and from more backgrounds than just Gaelic - choose Rings from Ireland's Celtic engagement rings to be their symbol of lifelong love to the world.