Celtic Knot Rings

Knot themes have been found in ancient stone and metal work dating back thousands and thousands of years in nearly all spots of the globe. Knot patterns are found in all cultures, many the oldest examples being those discovered in the Middle-East and Asia. However, Celtic knots - unique patterns found in stone and metalwork created by independent tribes which once populated regions of England, Ireland and Wales - have captivated the contemporary imagination in a unique way.

The Celts (named such by the Romans who ultimately conquered them) did not keep written records, as they preferred the oral tradition. However, they were very skilled artisans, stone carvers and metalworkers. Among the earliest examples of Celtic patterns are found in Newgrange, Ireland, and have been carbon dated to 3200 BCE. Since recorded history begins only with the Egyptians, these Newgrange Celtic patterns are literally older than time.

Rings from Ireland is proud of our wide variety of Celtic knot rings featuring genuine, ancient Celtic patterns. There is much to be said for modern interpretations and inspirations, but at Rings from Ireland, we focus on the actual original patterns in our Celtic knot rings. By naming many of our pieces after the regions in which their patterns first appeared, we make knowing the unique history of each piece of Celtic knot jewelry much easier.

Of course, many lovers of Celtic knot rings aren't armchair historians. Most of our customers are simply moved by the graceful artistry and aesthetic beauty of Celtic knot rings. Whatever your motivation, at Rings from Ireland we are confident that you'll find no end of intriguing and mysterious Celtic knot rings you'll be proud to wear, and proud to give.