Celtic Pewter Pendants

At Rings from Ireland, our little store is filled with prettily lit cases featuring all our shining wares. Gleaming 18 karat gold Celtic warrior rings; Shining Sterling silver Claddagh brooches. Brilliant 14 karat white gold bracelets detailing the history of the Emerald Isle.

Not too far away is our case reserved for our glowing pewter pieces. Here we have our Celtic pewter pendants, necklaces, earrings and more. They are beautiful, and strong. In fact, it is their very strength that commands that we keep them far, far away from the less "combative" pretties.

See, pewter pendants and such are made from the King of metals. Pewter doesn't play nice with others. Like a creature from a fantasy novel, pewter literally consumes its competition. That pretty and benign looking pewter pendant that gleams softly in the candlelight will literally destroy any other metal it comes in contact with. A simple scratch from pewter onto sterling or gold will, in a matter of just a few hours, transform from a nick into a gash. Like a time-release poison, it continues to eat away even after it's no longer in contact.

This is why it's very important to store your Celtic pewter pendants in their own special place. When you wear them, make sure you don't make them jealous by wearing another metaled chain at the same time. Like the people for whom their named, Celtic pewter pendants must be treated with respect.