Celtic Platinum Wedding Bands

It is only fitting that the "rings of Kings" should be made from the metal of Kings. Celtic wedding bands from Rings from Ireland feature ancient Celtic patterns lovingly and painstakingly reproduced by Ireland's finest craftsmen. Though beautiful in any metal, Celtic wedding bands in platinum are truly breathtaking.

Platinum was originally known as the metal of Kings because of its expense, beauty, and strength. Body armor and swords were made from this whitest of metals. But it was not until Louis Cartier, at the turn of the 20th century, was looking for the perfect metal to pair with perfect diamonds that platinum was commonly used in jewelry.

Cartier felt that the white brilliance of platinum was the only "real" choice for showcasing the brilliance of a perfect diamond. Today, it is well considered that platinum is the ideal metal for diamond wedding bands. Celtic wedding bands are no exception.

We have a wide variety of beautiful Celtic wedding bands in all metals, but we are confident that our Celtic platinum wedding bands are among the most beautiful you'll find anywhere. These made-to-order masterpieces are available either as simple, elegant bands featuring the delicate interlacing metalwork that is the hallmark of Celtic rings, or proudly displaying perfectly placed and polished diamonds. The choice is yours.