Celtic Platinum Wedding Rings

At Rings from Ireland, we don't have boxes and boxes of Celtic platinum wedding rings just lying around. We don't have giant display cases filled with them. They don't get tried on by couple after couple. When you order a Celtic platinum wedding ring from us, no one will have ever put that ring on their finger but you.

Our Celtic platinum wedding rings are only made when they're ordered. Our master craftsmen begin their work on a ring once it's known to whom it will belong. As is appropriate with a ring that is symbolic of fidelity and loyalty, your rings are designed for you; they are never worn by anyone but you; no one will ever even have seen your ring before you do, except your jeweler.

In addition to our beautiful designs, which are authentic Celtic patterns found on the stones and metalwork located in our own corner of the globe, our platinum wedding rings bear the world famous hallmark of Dublin Castle. The Dublin Castle Assays Office has been in the business of authenticating precious metals since 1637. It is considered one of the most iron-clad consumer protections in the world.

If you love the beauty and aesthetic balance of Celtic wedding rings, appreciate the superiority of platinum, and like the idea that your wedding rings were created for you and you alone, then we think you'll be glad you took the time to browse our virtual aisles here at Rings from Ireland. We can - and do - ship anywhere in the world. And though our craftsmen prefer to take their time with each and every ring, we personally know they can move a wee-bit faster if they really wanted to. So, if you've waited til the last minute to select your wedding rings, chances are you're not too late to select one of ours. Good luck to you, and thanks for browsing for your wedding rings at our little shop.