Celtic Wedding Rings

For 21st century couples, the very act of getting married can seem like an act of faith in the face of unbelievable odds. Most of us know many wonderful people who have tried their best at life-time commitment, but found the circumstances and realities of marriage too much. For those of us who look at the odds with clear eyes and opt to forge ahead nonetheless, we know that there is more to marriage than smiles and bliss.

A good marriage is built on mutual honor, mutual respect, and mutual adoration. As many wedding vows state, it's not about losing oneself in the other, but standing together, and looking outward in the same direction. It's acknowledging all the challenges with determination, and promising one to the other to do battle with all potential enemies to your partnership, including taking one another for granted, casual indifference, and emotional laziness.

For some couples, there is no better symbol for this brave act of faith than our Celtic Warrior wedding ring sets. The Celtic Warrior wedding rings are hand-made by expert Irish craftsmen from brilliant 14 and 18 karat white and yellow gold. The face of each ring bears a shield, featuring the Celtic patterns inscribed on the Ardagh Chalice, considered by many to be the finest example of 8th century metalwork in the world.

The cut-work is delicate. The details precise. As a symbol of commitment, it is uniquely powerful.

The Warrior Shield wedding rings are a potent reminder of the vows a couple makes to one another on what may be the most significant day of their emotional lives. The shield conveys strength, partnership and loyalty - as well as shelter and protection from a world that can sometimes feel cold and unsupportive. We are proud of the beauty and potential power of these rings as a public representation of the strength of your marriage. We thank you for considering us as a source for these important symbols in your lives, and wish you the best of luck.