Celtic White Gold Wedding Bands

At Rings from Ireland, we carry a wide selection of beautiful and unique Celtic white gold wedding bands. Whether you prefer the warmth of white gold on its own, or used in conjunction with its perfect partner, yellow gold, we are confident that you'll find many excellent options in the "display cases" of our little Irish shop. We carry Celtic white gold wedding bands in a satisfying range of styles and patterns, including infinity knots, trinity spirals, and of course, the world-beloved Claddagh symbols.

White gold is the preferred metal for many couples for many reasons. Gold is well known throughout the world for being virtually indestructible. As such, it makes for a perfect material to symbolize the strength of your union.

In addition to its legendary durability, however, is the gentleness of white gold's lustre. Though some sources claim that white gold was created to compete with the popularity of platinum in the early 20th century, many people find that the inherent visual warmth of white gold makes it superior to the hard white shine of platinum. To create white gold, metallurgists and jewelers combine pure gold with nickel, copper, and either Sterling silver, palladium or zinc.

Incidentally, all jewelry gold is mixed with other alloys to give it greater resistance against losing its shape. Gold is virtually indestructible, but in its pure form (24k) it's very soft and pliable. In fact, a single ounce of pure gold can be stretched into a wire that would run five miles in length. For this reason, all jewelry gold is combined with other, less pliable metals, to make it suitable for use in jewelry. Gold standards are the same for both white and yellow gold. 14k white gold is 50% pure gold, just like 14k yellow gold. 18k white gold is 75% pure gold, just like 18k yellow gold.

All the Celtic white gold wedding bands that Rings from Ireland carries bear the world famous Irish hallmark of the Assays Office, located at Dublin Castle in Ireland. This ensures you that every ring you purchase from Rings from Ireland is "good as gold." We are proud of the gentle beauty of our Celtic white gold wedding bands, and thank you for considering us as a source for these important symbols in your life.