Claddagh Wedding Rings

If one was to consider a diamond solitaire wedding ring, chances are the ring's origin wouldn't have too much bearing on its selection. After all, a diamond ring is a diamond ring. It can come from Johannesburg, New York, London, or even Tulsa, Oklahoma and no one really cares. As long as the ring is beautiful and satisfies the eye (and heart) of the wearer, where the ring comes from is usually not of any real interest.

This is not the case with Claddagh wedding rings. This is because the world-famous and world-beloved Claddagh ring remains so closely associated with Ireland, the land of its origin. Buying a Claddagh wedding ring from somewhere other than Ireland is a bit like buying Tibetan prayer beads that were made in New Jersey. The materials may be the same, the quality may even be the same, but somehow, there's something false and manufactured about it. It moves from being a symbol to being a prop.

Our Claddagh rings are bonafide Irish. They are made by the most talented and trained regional craftsmen. Further, we are located in County Louth, Ireland, which is less than a three and a half hour drive from the very birthplace of these famous rings, the old fishing village of Claddagh. Plus, every Claddagh wedding ring we sell--be it made from heavy-weight Sterling silver, 14 karat or 18 karat white or yellow gold, bears the world-famous hallmark of the Assays Office at Dublin Castle.

When you buy your Claddagh ring from Rings from Ireland, you're acquiring a shining piece of Irish heritage. Irish metals, melted, melded and molded by Irish hands. From our shores to yours, we wish you good luck.