History Of Ireland Jewelry

Rings from Ireland is proud to offer what is becoming one of our most sought-after lines, our History of Ireland jewelry. All pieces in the History of Ireland line are made from either sterling silver, 14 or 18 karat yellow gold. The line includes rings, link bracelets, bangles, pendants and Celtic crosses.

Each piece within the line is deeply engraved with 12 icons to represent the most relevant eras in Irish history. The time-line begins with an image of St. Patrick, which represents two aspects of history. First, this icon represents his 5th Century conversion of Ireland to Christianity. Secondly, St. Patrick wrote the first-known Irish document. This is considered a cornerstone of the transition from oral to written histories in the country.

After St. Patrick, we find icons representing 6th century monastic towers, the Viking invasions, the Norman invasions, King John's ordered Castle at Dublin, the famous Battle of Boyne of 1690 which marks the beginning of the Protestant/Catholic discord, the English flag marking the end of the Irish Parliament in 1800. The 19th century begins with symbols representing the potato famine, ships representing the wide-spread emigration to other countries, the Easter Rising of 1916, and the separation from Northern Ireland from the rest of the country. Connecting beginning to end is a ?, suggesting Ireland's unknown past and her uncertain future.

Every piece of the History of Ireland jewelry collection makes a wonderful gift for anyone who feels a deep connection with this country. True conversation pieces, every piece within this collection features not only the icon of Dublin Castle, but the hallmark of the Assays Office located within it. We at Rings from Ireland hope that you are as pleased with this collection as we are proud of it.