Pewter Celtic Cross

For many, there is no more masculine metal than pewter. Pewter glows with a softer lustre than sterling or platinum. Gently glowing in shades of gray, pewter makes a wonderful choice for men's necklaces featuring ancient Celtic designs.

Celtic crosses fashioned out of pewter are particularly attractive. With their strong lines, pewter Celtic crosses look ancient and rich. Whether hanging from pewter chains or leather cords, Celtic crosses made from pewter look as old as the stone crosses which dot our Irish countryside.

Every pewter Celtic cross sold by Rings from Ireland is made right here in Ireland. Every piece of jewelry we sell is handcrafted by local artisans, making our Celtic crosses, whether they're pewter, sterling or 14 and 18 karat gold, uniquely authentic. Our metalworkers and jewelers don't have to look up ancient Celtic patterns in books, we see them everywhere in our local villages and towns.

In fact, two of the most famous ancient Celtic crosses still in existence are only a few miles away from our little shop in County Louth, Ireland. If you're interested in authentic Celtic Cross jewelry, made from pewter, sterling silver, or 14 and 18 karat gold, then you can trust us at Rings from Ireland to provide you with the finest examples of the form. We're proud to carry the works of art created by the metalworkers, jewelers and silver and goldsmiths which we represent. We think you'll be proud to own and wear them.