3 Reasons Why Irish Jewelry Shines So Brightly

Why does Irish jewelry stand out? Timeless, with special meaning, the stories emerge in every handcrafted piece from the Claddagh to Celtic-inspired collections, from pieces embellished with symbols depicting the History of Ireland – it really shines brightly, year after year, season after season. Here are 3 reasons why...

The Stories are Special
In Ireland, it always starts with the story. From the times that our ancestors gathered around the fire and people moved from house to house sharing stories, interesting tales have always been at the center of our heritage. Just like this history, our jewelry also has added meaning.  

Viking Collection
Viking Collection

The story of the Vikings, who had a profound effect on the history and culture of Ireland is told through the archaeological excavations at Wood Quay in Dublin which dates back to around 950 AD. The story is depicted in collections like the powerful Viking collection at Rings from Ireland with pendants, rings, earrings and crosses all embellished with different patterns giving a distinct antique look in different materials.

The Irish Language and Ogham
The beauty of the Irish language is famed the world over. Another reason that Irish jewelry shines so brightly is that it’s possible to incorporate even more meaning in to various pieces so that in addition to having a handcrafted Irish Celtic or Claddagh design, you can also now include Irish phrases.

Eternal Promise Collection
Eternal Promise Collection

Inspirational phrases including Mo Anam Cara (my soul mate); Gra go Deo (love forever); Gra Geal Mo Chroi’ (love of my heart) and ‘Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas’ (love, loyalty, friendship) are incorporated in to rings such as those in the Eternal Promise Collection at Rings from Ireland.

Ogham Jewelry
Ogham Jewelry

Ogham is Ireland’s ancient language and it’s possible to actually personalize a ring or piece of jewelry and include a special message to the recipient. This historic alphabet includes 25 unique symbols dating back to the 1st century and there are hundreds of monuments inscribed with messages all over Ireland, particularly in Kerry, Cork and Waterford.

Symbolism and Signs
Ireland is rich in symbolism. The History of Ireland collection from Rings from Ireland includes rings, bracelets, bangles, pendants and also Celtic crosses. Using 12 symbols – the entire history of the country is represented on each piece of jewelry!

 History of Ireland Collection
History of Ireland Collection

The Celtic swirl with no beginning or end is found on Neolithic structures built throughout Ireland thousands of years ago. Saint Patrick is another symbol, essential to include as he changed the entire history of the country and is patron saint of Ireland.

Round Towers were places of refuge in times of invasion and persecution in Ireland. Vikings are also included as an important symbol – as they are key to the history of the country, as is the Norman Invasion which is also represented. The Battle of the Boyne is one of the key battles that took place in Ireland – again changing the course of history.  

The United Irishmen are also represented as they launched the Irish Rebellion of 1798 with the objective of ending British rule. The Irish flag, the Famine and Famine Ships, Dublin’s General Post Office from where the Republic of Ireland was proclaimed at the Easter Rising in 1916 and Partition (the treaty of 1921) complete the suite of meaningful symbols.

The stories, the language, the symbolism and the signs .. Irish jewelry has never shone so brightly.
Posted on March 1, 2018

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