Brooches are Back – Here’s Why

Brooches are back in vogue again and here’s why...

Traditional Silver Tara Brooch
Traditional Silver Tara Brooch

Minimalism is no more and it’s all about luxury. From the catwalks to jewelry stores, brooches have appeared back and are front and center as a welcome accessory of the moment.

Fashion has always been cyclical and while the wearing of brooches dates back to the Bronze Age where they were used to signify status, it doesn’t get more contemporary or cool right now to brandish a brooch as the new ‘it’ accessory.

Traditionally brooches were used as a piece of decorative jewelry pinned on to clothing to help to fasten garments closed for both men and women. They were a very practical and necessary accessory with a unisex use. They were mostly made of metal – gold, silver and bronze and would signal the rank of the wearer. From the 1920s on-wards however brooches began to become a fashion accessory and were worn on the right lapel of the jacket, cardigan or suit.

Bridget's Cross Yellow Gold Brooch
Bridget's Cross Yellow Gold Brooch

Jeweled pins can easily personalize an outfit and have the most beautifully timeless quality about them. Reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II has always been associated with brooches but they’re now being seen in many styles and worn by all ages to dress up a coat or to brighten up a cardigan.

International jewelry auctioneers Christie's recently featured three exceptional brooches, formerly in the collection of Countess Beatrice of Granard OBE as part of their ‘Magnificent Jewels’ auction, ensuring that brooches are remaining front and center when it comes to jewellery trends.

The advice from fashionistas is that less is more when choosing to wear a brooch. If you are making a statement with a brooch, then be a little more discreet with earrings, necklaces and other jewelry. They’ve been seen on the catwalks of Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Celine and Marc Jacobs and the styling possibilities are endless.

Celtic Warrior Brooch with 18k Gold Bead
Celtic Warrior Brooch with 18k Gold Bead

An authentic Celtic brooch is a wonderful way to combine style with additional meaning. From a traditional silver or gold Tara brooch featuring intricate symbols and patterns to a subtle gold or silver Bridget's cross or an impactful Celtic warrior brooch in the shape of a shield, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the brooch revival!
Posted on February 21, 2020

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