2022 Jewelry Trends - From Storytelling to Spirituality

Every piece of jewelry that we wear tells a little of our story and offers a sense of who we are and how we see ourselves.

Whether we prefer subtle, elegant, timeless pieces or whether we like to go bold with statement jewelry there will undoubtedly be an interesting story attached.

The key jewelry trends for 2022 seen on fashion pages and catwalks across the world feature two big themes right now - storytelling and spirituality.

Designers everywhere have been adding messages, charms and details to their creations and there are representations of everything from luck to love, strength to happiness coming through as themes.

So how do you add your own unique story and include an element of spirituality to your own particular jewelry choices?

Irish Claddagh Birthstone Jewelry
Irish Claddagh Birthstone Jewelry

Beautiful Birthstones
Precious gemstones are a beautiful way of telling your own unique story or for gifting to somebody. This Claddagh birthstone jewelry collection features individual stones set into the heart of the Claddagh symbol of friendship, loyalty and love and you can choose the particular stone that represents the month of your birth.

Irish Inscribed Rings
Irish Inscribed Rings

Spiritual Inscriptions
The Irish language is a beautifully spiritual form of expression. There are many messages that just sound more beautiful when spoken or written in Gaelic. A piece of jewelry is a wonderful way to convey spirituality and pieces from the Eternal Promise collection feature beautiful sayings that translate as My Soul Mate (Mo Anam Cara), Love Loyalty Friendship (Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas) and Love forever (Gra Go Deo) and are inscribed within the designs.

Irish Charm Bracelet
Irish Charm Bracelet

Charms Tell a Story
A charm is another way of choosing and telling a particular story. An Irish charm bracelet is a wonderful way of celebrating your Irish heritage with different symbols representing all sorts of different landmarks and traditions. From the shamrock to the map of Ireland, the Claddagh to the Trinity knot - it’s all there!

Coat of Arms Jewelry
Coat of Arms Jewelry

Coat of Arms Customized
Our family stories are perhaps the most unique story that there is about us. Many do not know their own story and become fascinated when they decide to take time to research their roots. Coats of Arms distinguishing different families date back to the 12th century and it’s possible to have your own personal coat of arms engraved into a pendant, ring, necklace or cuff links to wear your family story with pride.

Take time to tell your story and celebrate your spirituality in 2022!
Posted on March 4, 2022

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